Get onboard with the Australian Marine Debris Initiative

You can get involved and make a difference!

The Whitsunday Islands form part of the world-heritage listed Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and, as a business here at Coral Sea Marina, we are focused on reducing our impact on the environment, encouraging the long-term health of the reef and preserving the natural assets which surround us.

One particular commitment of ours is our pledge to become single use plastics free by 2025. We already have made little steps towards this goal through The Last Straw campaign, by eliminating plastic straws from the precinct, replacing plastic water bottles with canned Wallaby Water from all marina owned food outlets and event venues, and through providing all guests at check-in their own reusable shopping bags.

Now we are taking it another step further, by encouraging our marina guests to join the cause and help with the fight against plastics.

Coral Sea Marina are proud supporters of Tangaroa Blue, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the removal and prevention of marine debris.

We actively encourage all marina guests to assist with the collection and removal of marine debris during their time in the Whitsundays and on their onward journeys.

The Australian Marine Debris Initiative

If you would like to help Tangaroa Blue with their Australian Marine Debris Initiative, please follow these steps:

Step One:

Collect a marine debris bag from the Coral Sea Marina Office.

Step Two:

Download the Tangaroa Blue Data Collection App. The app is available on both Android and Apple platforms.

Use this app each time you collect any marine debris around the Whitsundays. Be sure to note what you have picked up, and from where.

Step Three:

When you return to Coral Sea Marina, the marine debris can be disposed of in our normal Refuse and Recycling area.

Alternatively, you can contact Tangaroa Blue who will happily do an audit for you. However, they would need to know where and what you collected, and each location will need to be stored in separate marine debris removal bags. You can leave your bags at the Coral Sea Marina office for collection by Tangaroa Blue volunteers.

You can also choose to purchase your own Clean-Up Pack by clicking HERE. These can be purchased online and collected directly from the Coral Sea Marina office.

p.s – other Tangaroa Blue projects include:

The Rig Recycle Project: Please dispose of any unwanted or broken fishing line, plastic lures, plastic fishing line spools, hard plastic lures, floats and handlines at the Rig Recycle bin, located at the BCF store located in Cannonvale. These will be repaired and reused where possible.

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