Protecting the Great Barrier Reef

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Discover more about preserving and protecting the incredible Great Barrier Reef, as part of the Great Barrier Reef Festival.

Learn from Master Reef Guides, marine biologists and advocates for reef research and see what you can do to encourage the long term health of the reef.

This event includes:

  • Presentations  (10 am – 11:30am approx)
    • Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
    • Queensland Parks and Wildlife
    • Reef Catchments – Whitsunday Islands Initiative
    • Climate Change Innovation Hub – Healthy Hearts, Olivia Broadhurst
    • Health Rivers to Reef – New Report, Bonny Stutsel
    • Australian Marine Conservation Society
  • Interactive Activities (11.30am – 12.30pm)
    • A Master Reef Guide Q&A
    • Marina Coral and Fish hide and seek tour – MRG’s
    • Tour to Seagrass Pontoon at Coral Sea Marina Ocean Club

Conservation Volunteers will be on hand with information if anyone wants information/to sign up.

Register here

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