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This event finished on 09 November 2023

    Yoga to stretch, tone and energise hosted by Norma Strang.

    Norma has 20 years experience teaching yoga and her classes are filled with the knowledge she has gained over the years from her extensive training and her own life experiences. Students report leaving the classes feeling alive, centered and empowered.

    Yoga+5 (The Sequence for Everyone)
    Therapeutic Hatha Yoga Asanas
    Clean and detoxify the blood, organs and glands. Stretch and tone the muscles and heal and rejuvenate the systems of the body.
    The Five Tibetan Rites (known as the Fountain of Youth)
    Are over 2500 years old. Used by Tibetan Lamas to maintain strength and longevity into old age. Each Rite unblocks and clears the chakras which control parts of the endocrine system and regulate many of the body’s functions, including the aging process.
    Meditation & Energy Clearing Calms the mind and clears and protects the energy field.

    Classes at the Lookout Lounge – Mondays/Thursdays at 7.30am.

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